1 – We provide Panoramic radio-graphs and first visit for free at the initial assessment.

2 – Our clinics are specifically designed for dental implant treatment, this means that dentists and nurses work exclusively with dental implants treatments.

This is a very important point as everyone is therefore more experienced in dental implants if this carried out 5 days per week and 24/24 for emergency.

4 – The initial assessment is free and is carried out by a dentist trained in dental implant treatments. All X-rays and CT Bone scan machines are on site, no need to be referred to other centers for radiography. All our clinics have in house CBCT scanners for convenience to the patient.

5 – We use our buying power to purchase dental implants materials in large volumes, hence we negotiate better prices and pass these onto our patients.

6 –We provide excellent after care support. We guarantee all of our dental implant treatment during the course of treatment and for one full year following dental implant treatment. Our guarantee covers everything. Consider that if there was a problem with the implant after it was completed this could be an additional cost on top of the initial cost of the dental implant treatment.

Please call us now at +44 (0)2 03 44 50 362 for further information