When a tooth is removed, the surrounding bone might be lost (due to an infection for example). Bone regeneration might be needed to place an implant. Bone regeneration materials will be needed to help and guide bone regeneration. At Youdentalimplant we use mineral derived bone (Bio Os Geistlich) or synthetic derived bone (NanoBone).

Why do I need bone grafts?

After the scan, the dental surgeon will determine the bone volume available to place the implant. There might not be enough bone available:

  • In depth: especially in the top (proximity of the sinus) and bottom molar areas.
  • In width: jaw is too narrow.

Regeneration of the bone might be needed therefore, a bone graft is recommended. Depending on the clinical case, the bone graft will be done before or at the same time as the implants are placed. During the healing process the bone graft material will slowly be degraded and will be replaced by your own bone: this is bone regeneration.

How does it work?

During the surgery, bone is placed where the bone is missing. If a bone block is used, it will be fixed in the area with titanium screws. If bone particles are used, they will be maintained with a membrane.

What are the risks?

Risks are the same as any surgery: bleeding, swelling and hematoma. In rare cases, less than 5%, an infection can occur. This is why a preventive antibiotic treatment will be prescribed.

What you must remember is that:

After an infection or simply after extraction of the tooth, the remaining bone quantity might be too small for an implant. Bone graft might be needed to increase the bone volume.

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