French Riviera gives you the possibility to have affordable high quality dental treatments than in Europe countries or USA.

Dental training programs in France are known to be the best worldwide offering treaments of excellence. The practitioners at You Dental Implant Clinic network are highly professional and have many years of experience. 

In the last few years, dental tourism has increased in France thanks to the low cost dental concept. Dentists are now employing more assistants to follow-out the more time-consuming tasks so that they can focus specifically on the dental treatments. By rationalizing time and acts, dentists benefit from increased profits therefore, providing more competitive prices to their patients. French dental treatments offers 30% to 50% less than prices proposed in certain European countries or USA.

Ceramic crowns are often invoiced for less than £220 and implants (implant and abutment) as of £700. You can now replace a complete jawbone (6 dental implants and a bridge with 12 teeth) between £5500 and £6500. In addition to your treatments, you must add the cost of your trip. Implants are laid generally in two or three sittings, 3 to 5 months apart. Each time you must figure an average stay between 3 to 5 days to follow out your treatments. The average cost for your trip and stay each time is about £400.

In conclusion, if you need major dental work (as of 3 implants or more than 5 ceramic crowns) going abroad will allow you to reduce your dental budget anywhere from 30 to 50%.

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