Before placing an implant in most cases a scan is done to determine precisely the volume and density of the underlying bone. The dental surgeon will then decide on the length and diameter of the implant.

You are about to have dental surgery. It is important that you read the following instructions and that you follow them.

  • Dress comfortably
  • Don’t wear any make-up.
  • If not instructed otherwise by your dental surgeon and in the event of a local anaesthesia, it is important to eat before the surgery. Have breakfast or lunch as usual.
  • If not instructed otherwise, take your usual medication.
  • Follow your dental surgeon prescription and take your pre-medication.
  • It is recommended to have someone with you on your way to and from the surgery.
  • If your dental surgeon gives you medication for anxiety, driving will be strictly forbidden due to risk of falling asleep.
  • Try not to work the day before following surgery, stay home and rest.


It is normal to feel anxious before having surgery. Do not hesitate to talk to the clinical team about it.

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