With plenty of bistros serving good value – and fairly run of the mill – traditional Niçoise dishes, Nice has plenty of culinary offerings. Salads are a good bet for lunch, and hot vegetable dishes are generally paced with flavour. The Italian influence is felt through an abundance of pizza places, some of them offering poor value and mediocre wine. So, it’s a bit of a lottery, and worth seeing what’s on plates as you pass by.

Top eight are found below, from least to most expensive. All need to be booked ahead, even 12-24 hours in advance to be sure. Wine prices are per glass.

Old Town refers to Vieux Ville/Vieille Ville.

1 - Agua – Bistrot de la mer

Adress : 41 Boulevard Stalingrad, Port area
Phone: 04 97 19 08 15
Open Tuesday to Saturday. Closed for fishing festivals and any time fisherman can’t go to sea.


2 - Le bistrot du fromager (a converted cellar)

Address: 29 Benoit Bunico, Old Town 
Phone: 04 93 13 07 83
Open evenings only. Closed Sunday


3 - La Mise au Verre

Address : 17 rue Pastorelli Old Town
Phone: 04 93 85 69 90
Open every day but closed for lunch Sat and Sun.

4 - Chat Noir Chat Blanc

Address: 20 rue Barillerie Old Town (behind flower market)
Phone: 04 93 80 28 69


5 - Bistrot d'Antoine

Address: 27 rue de la Prefecture
Phone: 04 93 85 29 57
Closed Sunday and Monday

6 - Le Vinivore

Address: 10 rue Lascaris Port area
Phone: 04 93 14 68 09
Closed Sunday and Monday


7 - Les Deux Cannailles

Address: 6 rue Chauvain North east of Promenade des Anglais
Phone: 06 22 54 11 30
Closed Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

8 - Flaveur

Adress: 28 rue Gubernatis. Old Town
Phone: 04 93 62 53 95
Closed Sunday and Monday


Drinks: Have a cocktail in Le Negresco Hotel bar or terrace and take a walk around this amazing building. Wear you best smart casuals! Easy to find on Promenade des Anglais. Ex


Ice-cream: The chocolate and ginger ice-cream at one of the Fenocchio Glacier shops was my favourite, but I was happy to taste the rhubarb and the lemon were delicious too. Great intense flavours.


By the way:
La Colombe d’Or. St Paul de Vence: The least impressive of the week’s food experiences. Food was unimaginative, plentiful, with no sense of vibrancy or earthy freshness. More style than substance. However, a mainly American clientele looked happy in this wonderful setting out of doors under cool canopies and indoors where artists over the years came to stay and eat and paid for their time there with paintings. For those alone, it’s worth a visit.

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