Nice Cote d'Azur Airport, which is just a short distance from the city.  There are also bus services from the airport to nearby towns on the French Riviera so it is an ideal starting point for your holiday in the south of France.

You may be thinking of travelling to Nice to visit the nearby city of Cannes or the principality of Monaco.  Cannes, the home of the internationally renowned Cannes Film Festival, is less than 30km from the airport is known for its luxury shops and fine restaurants.  It is also a popular tourist destination all year round.  Monaco is also just a short trip from the airport, roughly 25km, and is another popular tourist destination.  You may even wish to time your visit with the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the world's most famous motorsport events.

The French Riviera boasts around 100 museums and 150 art galleries, making it an ideal location for a cultural excursion.  There are many restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and cafes in this popular tourist destination and if you're seeking a sun-soaked holiday with a vibrant and diverse nightlife, then Nice and the French Riviera may just be what you're looking for. 

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